What Matters-David Horowitz-Monday, January 23, 2017-30 Minutes

Mark speaks with David Horowitz, one of the founders of the New Left movement of the 1960s who worked with such notable leftists as Huey Newton’s Black Panther Party, but turned conservative during the President Ronald Reagan’s term and through the David Horowitz Freedom Center works to expose the efforts of the Left to erode our nation’s moral, cultural and economic foundations. In his just-released book, “Big Agenda.” Horowitz takes aim at the Left of today and their targeting of young people through indoctrination on college campuses. Also, Horowitz talks about the attacks on President Trump and what to expect during the first 100 days of the new administration.

What Matters-Dr. Andy Taylor-Monday, January 23, 2017-27 Minutes

Mark speaks with Dr. Andrew Taylor, professor of Political Science at NC State University, about the relationship between Gov. Roy Cooper and the General Assembly; what kind of budget can we expect from Cooper; does he expect controversial legislation to be offered during this session such as social bills or another run at Voter ID and more. Tune in!

What Matters-Brian Jodice-Friday, January 20, 2017-32 Minutes

Mark talks with Brian Jodice, vice president of communications and outreach at Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, about the surging demand for school choice in North Carolina, and what he sees as fueling that demand. Also, The General Assembly has forecast appropriating increasing amounts for Opportunity Scholarships. This is an indication that they believe the demand for school choice will continue to grow. Do you agree? Dr. June Atkinson said that school choice is really a “euphemism” and means that we will educate some children and forget others, a statement the Dr. Bob Luebke of Civitas said, “Is a smear with veiled racist overtones and no basis in fact.” Do you agree? Why do you think there is such an aversion to school choice among the education establishment? How is PEFNC working to spread the word about Opportunity Scholarships and school choice in NC?

What Matters-Tim Boyum-Friday, January 20, 2017-29 Minutes

Mark brings on Tim Boyum, Anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel,to talk about the General Assembly kicking off its 2017 legislative session this week, and what will be going on during their two-week break before reconvening on January 25. Also, what type of relationship can we expect between Gov. Cooper and the General Assembly going forward? What will the first few weeks of the legislative session look like? What will the first few weeks of the Trump administration? And, the North Carolina Senate will be meeting to confirm or deny Cooper’s cabinet appointments, something we’ve not seen before. What can we expect out of that process? Tune in for more.